Community participation rules

Requirements to participate

1. Intern funding

Non-humanitarian open source communities need to provide their own funding for at least one intern ($6,500 USD).

Humanitarian open source communities are invited to apply to the Outreachy general fund. If your community is approved, Outreachy will fully fund at least one intern. Outreachy is especially interested in funding humanitarian projects involving climate change, infectious diseases, and mental health.

Both humanitarian and non-humanitarian communities can apply to receive additional funding for interns.

2. Not tied to one company

Participating communities cannot be tied to only one for-profit company. Please read our commercial ties rules.

3. Community coordinator

Each community must have a coordinator. A community coordinator is an interface between Outreachy organizers and mentors. Sometimes a community coordinators is also a mentor. Read about community coordinator duties.

4. Mentors

Each community needs to have at least one mentor. A mentor works directly with Outreachy applicants and their intern. Having more than one person mentor an intern ("co-mentoring") is encouraged.

Mentors must be willing to volunteer at least 5 hours a week during the internship period, and 5-10 hours per week during the application period. Read about mentor duties

5. Defined intern projects

Each mentor defines a project for their intern to work on. Outreachy does not allow applicants to define their own project. Read about what makes a good Outreachy project.

Projects must be licensed as open source. Projects must further free software, and not be tied to proprietary software.

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