Are you looking for a full-time position working on open source? Outreachy's sponsors may have a job opening for you!

The following organizations and companies that sponsor Outreachy offer their own internships and full-time opportunities. Next to each organization or company is the Outreachy communities that organization sponsors. Please note that organizations may not have job openings related to those communities at this point in time.

The bottom of the page is links to lists of other tech internship programs that you may be interested in.

40 or more

  • Google

  • Mozilla

  • Red Hat (Ceph, Gluster, Fedora, Foreman, GNOME, JBoss, Linux kernel, OpenShift, OpenStack, oVirt, QEMU jobs)







More opportunities

  • Google Summer of Code

  • The Recurse Center

  • FOSS jobs board maintained by Moritz Bartl

  • Sumana Harihareswara's round-ups of various opportunities on March 2014, December 2012

  • Sumana Harihareswara's Round-up of NYC organizations

  • The list of paid opportunities in FOSS maintained by OpenHatch

    List of Open Source Diversity initiatives.