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The Rules

All accepted interns  must sign the intern agreement. This is a legal document that certifies you are eligible to apply for Outreachy, and that all the eligibility information you supply in your application is truthful. It is fraud if you sign this legal document after supplying incorrect information.

Eligible participants must meet all the following requirements.


United States of America residents or nationals:

Residents of countries other than the United States of America:


The Details

The internship is expected to be a full-time effort, meaning that the participants must be able to spend 40 hours a week on their project. Participants will work remotely from home. Because IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of the primary means of communication within FOSS projects, participants should be present on their project's IRC channel while working. You will also be expected to communicate electronically with other project members via other means, including bug tracker comments, mailing list discussion, blog posts, and personal e-mail. Participants will be expected to blog at least once every two weeks about their work and their blog posts will be included on the sites that aggregate blog posts of organization contributors, usually called Planets, and on the Planet Outreach.

Both interns and mentors will need to sign the contracts with Software Freedom Conservancy. Software Freedom Conservancy will be administering the payments of the $5,500 (USD) stipends in three installments. In addition, $500 (USD) travel allowance will be available to the interns.


To allow the Outreachy parent organization, Software Freedom Conservancy, to run the program with participants Conservancy has limited control over, we need to have agreements with interns and mentors ensuring that your participation in the program is legally appropriate and that Conservancy holds no responsibility for any inappropriate or grossly negligent behavior of the participants. Please see agreements for interns. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the agreements.

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