Outreachy is seeking a part-time contractor to help us promote and coordinate the program!

About us

Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program. Interns work remotely with mentors from free and open source software communities for three months.

Our internship program has two rounds each year. Each round, we work with approximately:

Outreachy has a huge positive impact on the communities and people who participate in the program! Read our blog post about the applicants from the December 2017 to March 2018 round and read our alums page to understand the impact Outreachy has.

The applicants for our internships come from around the world, and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Outreachy applicants include university students, bootcamp graduates, people who are self-taught, or people switching careers. Among others, you'll work with women (both cis and trans), trans men, gender queer people, and people of color with a variety of gender identities.

Outreachy and our parent fiscal sponsor, Software Freedom Conservancy, is an equal opportunity employer. All Outreachy participants, including Outreachy contractors, are required to follow the Outreachy Code of Conduct.

The Role

You'll be a communications specialist, working with Outreachy applicants, mentors, and coordinators. You'll promote the program to groups that focus on diversity in tech, universities, and boot camps. If you're interested, you can also become involved in contributing to the Outreachy's blog and presence on social media.

This is a remote position for up to 10 hours a week. You can live anywhere in the world. The Outreachy organizers are in United States timezones, but we welcome people from all countries to apply. We may require some availability during standard United States of America west coast business hours (3pm UTC to 12am UTC).

You'll invoice monthly, billing Software Freedom Conservancy, who will pay invoices on a NET-30 basis.  Your  hourly rate will be negotiated based on experience and location.

The role is for a 3 month contract, starting September 17 through December 17. We're hoping to find a long-term contractor, so we may want to renew or expand your contract after three months.

The Challenges

Working with the diverse Outreachy applicants is sometimes challenging. Many of our applicants don't natively speak English, and you may have to ask clarifying questions. Our applicants may be transgender, questioning, or in the middle of a name change. We'll provide mentorship on how to support these individuals, and examples of how to handle confidentiality issues. Outreachy is a higher profile effort to increase diversity and inclusivity in tech, so you may be exposed to opponents of special efforts to promote diversity.

About You

Outreachy wants you to:

Outreachy would prefer you have these skills (but we would make exceptions for the right person):

Outreachy would love it if you had the following skills, but they're completely optional:

To Apply to This Job

Send an email to hiring@outreachy.org (we will be anonymizing the inquires for review). Please send in a resume with personal details removed. Please remove your name, email address, mailing/physical address, phone number, and hobbies. Attach three examples of writing, as PDFs:

The Application Process

We'll be reviewing resumes and writing samples through September  7. We will start scheduling phone interviews the week of September 3. You will have at least one video conference interview with one or more of the five Outreachy organizers.

All candidates will be notified of our decision by September 29.


Q1. Is this a web developer position?

A1. No, this job position is a communications specialist position. You'll be spending most of your time with email, documentation, and working directly with Outreachy applicants and mentors. The position is just for a communications specialist.

Q2. If I was an Outreachy intern, how should I anonymize my resume?

A2. You can put your experience down as a volunteer position with your mentoring community. For example, you could say, "Full-time volunteer with Debian, May 2013 to August 2013. Improved Debian package license tracking. Created foobar tool for tracking changes in LICENCE files and copyright notices in code. This allowed the Debian team to better track free and open source software license changes to ensure Debian only includes free software."

Q3. The job post says that this will be a 10 hour a week position. Does that mean I'll be working at a fixed time each day, or are the hours flexible?

A3. The hours are flexible, and your work load each day will depend on how much communication is needed with Outreachy applicants. You will need to check email at least once a day during West Coast United States business hours (3pm UTC to 12am UTC).

Q4. What should I include as a persuasive writing sample?

A4. The persuasive writing sample could be a lot of different things! Maybe it's a blog post convincing applicants to apply to Outreachy. It could be a poster that convinces the reader why they should attend an event. It could be social media posts that talk about the pros and cons of using a specific free and open source software project. Any writing where you trying to convince people to take action is a good example of persuasive writing.