Coordinator Tasks

Outreachy community coordinators provide a consistent person the Outreachy organizers can contact for information. The community coordinators duties include:

If you feel you can fulfill those duties, please apply to have your community participate in Outreachy!

Approval Process

FOSS communities that wish to participate in Outreachy should review the requirements, find at least two mentors, have a plan for where they can get funding for at least one intern, and then contact the Outreachy organizers to be approved for the program. Be sure to include the following information in your introductory email:

Name and website of the project

Name of coordinator for community's participation

How big is your community? What is the community make-up with respect to volunteer and paid contributors? What different organizations and companies participate in the project?

What is the community governance?

Does your community have a Code of Conduct?

What open source license is the project under? If contributing requires a CLA, please add a link to that.

Do you rely or build upon proprietary software? Please elaborate.

Documentation URL for how new contributors get started

Bug tracker URL (optionally, including the URL to "easy" or "newcomer friendly" bugs/features)

What organization(s) do you expect to be able to provide funding for your community interns and for how many interns?

Next Steps for Coordinators

Once you receive the acceptance from the Outreachy organizers to participate, please work on your open source organization's Outreachy landing page. (In the future, Outreachy is planning to host community and project pages on its website. For now, projects will need to host their landing page on a community website, such as the project wiki. It's good to let your FOSS community know you're participating in Outreachy before applicants start showing up and making their first contributions to the community.)

Start hanging out in #outreachy and #outreachy-admin on GIMPNet ( You are welcome to pitch in answering any questions from prospective applicants on the mailing list and the IRC channel.

Make sure to spread the word about your participation in the program in your organization's communication channels, such as mailing lists, blogs, and social network accounts.

Once you're approved for participating in Outreachy internships, the Outreachy PLC will work with you to make sure your organizer and mentors receive Outreachy coordination announcements and can answer questions from applicants.

Adding an Outreachy Mentor

When a new mentor and project is added, organizers should send the Outreachy PLC the following information:

Mentor name and email, plus Twitter handle if they have one

Short (1 sentence) description of the new project

Required and optional skills that applicants should have. Please keep this list short, because people who are traditionally underrepresented in tech often don't apply unless they meet all of the requirements.

The Outreachy coordinators will:
If organizers fail to notify Outreachy coordinators of new projects and mentors, once a week during the application period, Outreachy coordinators will go through your landing pages and manually collect this information to the best of their abilities. Failing to provide this information may mean applicants don't find the project.

Need help?

If at any point you have a question, feel free to contact the Outreachy organizers.