The Outreachy program is comprised of the Outreachy organizers who run the program, and multiple FOSS community coordinators and mentors. Please feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions


The Outreachy organizers are (left to right in the picture above) Tony Sebro, Karen Sandler, Cindy Pallares, Sarah Sharp, and Marina Zhurakhinskaya. Please contact Outreachy organizers for questions relating to community participation or sensitive questions about applicant eligibility. They can be reached at Coordinators are also available on Twitter.

The private list of Outreachy community coordinators and mentors can be reached at Please contact that list for general applicant questions, such as which project to choose or if you are having a hard time contacting a mentor. Coordinators and mentors may also be found on the IRC channels #outreachy and #outreachy-admin on GIMPNet ( If you need help understanding how to use IRC, you should read this IRC guide.