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Until you verify your eligibility, some information about the internships will be hidden, including full project details, mentor contact information, and how to make contributions to internship projects.

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Approved GNU Guix Project

This project has been approved by the GNU Guix coordinator(s) to participate in the May to August 2018 Outreachy internship round.

Promoting To Outreachy Applicants

After the Outreachy round opens on Feb. 12, 2018, you can promote this project to applicants by linking to the community landing page:

Once you have started work with an applicant on a contribution, you should remind them to record their in-progress contributions at this URL:

Preview of Project Proposal

Enhance Guile tools for the Guix package manager.

Full project details are only available for coordinators and approved project mentors, in order to ensure applicants don't contact mentors until the project is approved and the Outreachy application period opens. If you're an applicant, please wait for projects to appear on the current internship round page!