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Baderin Abass Akanni: Call for Outreachy mentors

Outreachy provides paid, remote, three-month internships. Outreachy's goal is to support diversity in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). For more information about what Outreachy is and the deadlines for mentors and coordinators, read the Community Call for Participation page.

This page is for potential mentors and coordinators only. If you are an Outreachy applicant, please see the application instructions or current list of projects.

Baderin Abass Akanni coordinator

Coordinators find and advise mentors who want to participate in Outreachy. Coordinators also provide information about the community for the landing page shown to applicants.

The Baderin Abass Akanni coordinator is "BADERIN Abass".

If you have been a community coordinator in the past but have not yet created an account on this site, or you would like to volunteer to be a new coordinator and you understand the coordinator duties, you can sign up to be a community coordinator.

Coordinate for This Community

Community status
Pending ParticipationOutreachy organizers have not approved this community to participate in the May 2023 to August 2023 internship round
Not FundedThe community has not found funding for at least one intern ($8,000 USD).
No ProjectsThe coordinator has not approved any projects for Outreachy interns to work on.
Open to New ProjectsMentors can submit projects for Outreachy applicants until Feb. 24, 2023 at 4pm UTC.

Submit an Outreachy Intern Project Proposal

Baderin Abass Akanni welcomes experienced community contributors to help out as mentors. Each mentor will need to submit an intern project proposal. The project proposal will then be reviewed and approved by the FOSS community coordinator. Additional co-mentors for the intern project will be able to sign up for the project after it has been approved by the community coordinator.

All proposed intern projects need to be released under licenses that are either an OSI-approved open source license that is also identified by the FSF as a free software license, OR a Creative Commons license approved for free cultural works.

Please read the additional Outreachy project requirements before submitting an intern project proposal.

Please make sure you understand the mentor requirements, especially the time commitment requirement.

Outreachy applicants should not submit project proposals through this form. You need to look over the list of projects and pick a project from that list.

Submit a Project Proposal